¡Vi a Diablo! ¡El demonio de la quinta dimensión!

He watches the king’s watches! Tony Hammer had always gone to be supposed to meet “Matches” Malone at the up-all-night cocktail lounge in Mission. He watches the king’s watches, I’m telling! The jaded waitress, with her gray flask, whispered into his ear that Malone was on a “Mission: Total Destruction!” mission. “Matches” watches… their watches! A useless array of emotions. “Matches” handles the hands of the watches! Therefore, Tony finished his vodkini and headed for the door. The waitress went to pick up the glass, only to discover that instead of a tip, die Hammerung had left her a handful of coupons for diapers, all crumbled up in a crinkle.

Outside, on 23rd, it was still raining. Antonello Muñoz y Martello, the man wearing the Tony Hammer skin, straightened up the collar of his raincoat, neatly fixed his fisherman’s hat and danced away a sure gait into the mists of legend.

Down at the bottom of the ocean, the vagina of the fish of the abyss of Infinity yawned. In a dark hall underneath Shangri-la, Elvis kept fighting off the demons from the fifth dimension.

Lying casually across the floor, a white badge with the words “Peace and Destroy, Oi!”

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